Please click here for the latest stable releases:

All downloads have a size of about 55 to 85 MByte.

Java 17

Since RouteConverter 3.0 requires Java 17. As most download sites only offer the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) for Java, I’ve created RouteConverter releases which bundle RouteConverter and a JRE for Mac OS X and Windows. Still, for the Linux release and the prerelease versions, Java 17 is required and I’d recommend to install a 64-bit JRE from Adoptiums Github that fits your operating system.


Since macOS 10.7.5 and 10.8 there is an anti-malware feature of the macOS operating system called GateKeeper. This prevents RouteConverter from running directly after a download because RouteConverter is listed in the Mac App store because it’s not digitally signed by me. Please follow this procedure (more details):

  • set the GateKeeper settings to ‘Anywhere’
  • start RouteConverter
  • set the GateKeeper settings back (‘Mac App Store and identified developers’ is the default)

You only have to do this once every time you’re using a new RouteConverter version.

TimeAlbum Pro

For users of Columbus GPS devices, there is TimeAlbum Pro which was co-developed by RouteConverter and Columbus:


You don’t have to install anything. Just double click on the file you’ve downloaded. If an ZIP-Extractor like WinZip or PowerArchiver is started upon that, please have a look at the FAQ.


If a function is not working as expected, please try the latest prerelease. If the error still occurs, please report it.

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