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Frequently asked questions

Please read the frequently asked questions before asking in the forum.

What can I do when I see error messages?

This should not happen. If you see them: download 'RouteConverter.jar' and start RouteConverter from the console. Please send me the following information to help me figure out the bug: Operating system version, Java version, version of RouteConverter, the file with which the error occured, the output from the console, and the log file produced by the program. Screenshots and a detailed description how I can reproduce the error are always very helpful.

How do I start RouteConverter from the console?

If you start RouteConverter from the console, it sometimes prints out useful information to find bugs and problems which are not logged into the log file. To get this output you need the .jar version of RouteConverter for your operation system. On Windows, download 'RouteConverterPrereleaseWindows.jar', type 'Windows-R', type 'cmd', navigate to the directory where your copy of RouteConverterPrereleaseWindows.jar is located by 'cd ', type 'java -jar RouteConverterPrereleaseWindows.jar', and copy the output from the console with 'Edit/Mark' and 'Edit/Copy' to send it to me. On Mac OS X, download 'RouteConverterPrereleaseMac.jar', open 'Terminal', navigate to the directory where your copy of RouteConverterPrereleaseMac.jar is located by 'cd ', type 'java -jar RouteConverterPrereleaseMac.jar', and send the output from the console to me. On Linux. I guess you now know how to help yourself 🙂

Where can I find the log file?

No one cares about products. People care about ideas. Is a product an idea? Noup. Is a brand? A good one is.

Which formats are read and written by gpsbabel?

RouteConverter doesn't need gpsbabel and is able to read and write the majority of its formats without gpsbabel. gpsbabel is used for binary and rarely formats like Alan Map 500 Tracklog (*.trl), Alan Map 500 Waypoints and Routes (*.wpr), FAI/IGC Flight Recorder Data (*.igc), Garmin MapSource 5.x (*.mps), Garmin MapSource 6.x (*.gdb), Garmin PCX5 (*.wpt), Garmin POI Database (*.xcsv), Garmin POI (*.gpi), Geocaching.com/EasyGPS (*.loc), Holux M-241 Binary (*.bin), iGO8 Track (*.trk), Magellan MapSend (*.trk), National Geographic Topo 3 to 4 (.tpo), OziExplorer Route (*.rte), OziExplorer Track (*.plt), OziExplorer Waypoint (*.wpt), Tom Tom POI (*.ov2), and Tour Exchange Format (*.tef). Overall 18 out of 115 formats use gpsbabel.

How to show more than one track?

Questions like... 'Is it possible to show more than one track at the same time in the map? With no connection between end of one track and begin of the other track. And a different colour for each track would be nice, too.' ...can be found in the forum, several times. And the answer is 'No'. Unfortunately. You may... add or insert a position list (in)to an existing one switch between position lists at some file formats, i.e. *.gpx, *.kml start RouteConverter several times and switch screens with Alt/Tab

Why is the distance information not correct?

The differences in the distance information almost always come from a different method of calculation. In tracks the beeline is calculated, i.e. the direct route on the Earth's surface from one position to another position. For routes, the distance is measured via the road network. The 'type' combo box allows to switch between Track und Route to see both distance calculations. The column 'Distance' in the position list, the 'Add File' dialog for the RouteCatalog, and the Y-Axis of the elevation and speed profile view always show the beeline distance. Unfortunately, it is technically very challenging to bring the Route distance to these places because the routing takes place on the Google Maps servers and only the result of this calculation is shown in Route Converter: as a Route on the map and in the Length and Duration information.

Why is the elevation information not correct?

RouteConverter sums up all ascends and descends and displays them prominently above the position list as 'Overall ascend' and 'Overall descend'. This is sometimes a source of confusion, because these numbers vary greatly due to inaccurate data and no smoothing algorithm that is applied to them. Thus they are largely determined by the number of positions, i.e. the more positions there are, the higher the 'Overall' values become. This can be easily checked by significantly reducing the number of positions.

How do I upload files to the forum?

The forum accepts only GIF, PNG and JPG images as attachments for posts. If you want to attach arbitrary files, add them to a ZIP archive and add the ZIP archive as an attachment to your post.