Release 3.0 from 17.12.2023

supports the new server

requires Java 17 or later

drops support for Google Maps-based map since Google actively prevents embedding its map into applications

reads Columbus Type 2 (.csv) files with heading == NULL (stationary)

uses GraphHopper 8.0 and mapsforge 0.20 libraries

uses the route name for Waypoints in iGO8 Route (*.kml) files for better presentation in mobile devices – thank you to JimmyS83

reads invalid GPX files with incorrect version number

fixes the context menu in the map for Select and Delete

fixes Google China Map fix which suffered from a false sign logic

fixes the Nominatim geocoding API call

fixes Windows scaling problems with 125% and 150% scale

fixes copying GPX positions to the clipboard where changes to the copy affected the original

fixes writing the elevation of Haicom Logger (.csv) files

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