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Changes of all RouteConverter versions

Release 2.1 from 20. November '10

  • reads and writes GoPal Route 5 (*.xml) files
  • reads time and elevation from Google Earth (*.kml) files written by Navigon 6310 devices
  • adds Spanish localization
  • adds a menu with recently opened files
  • always displays times in GMT/UTC timezone
  • solves the menu performance problems on Mac OS X
  • avoids the browser polling most of the time on Linux and Mac OS X
  • complements comments, elevation and time of manually inserted positions
  • speeds up reading of files by first trying most likely candidates
  • speeds up writing of files by not reloading them if the format didn't change
  • contains a workaround for GPST(racker) which stores m/s instead of Km/h in GPX 1.1 (*.gpx) files
  • fixes a bug introduced in 2.0 where selected positions where not centered on the map
  • fixes a problem with routes that could not be selected in the position list chooser
  • fixes wrong time when reading GoPal Route 3 (*.xml) files
  • fixes wrong order of positions when writing Falk Navigator (.tour) files
  • fixes the find populated place lookup by using http://ws.geonames.org/ as a default

Release 2.0 from 17. October '10

  • introduces a completely redesigned user interface with a menu bar, popup menus and cleaned up tabs and dialogs
  • introduces unlimited undo/redo for all operations on position lists
  • displays the elevation profile prominently at the bottom of the window
  • adds Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Serbian localizations
  • offers 64-bit versions for 64-bit Java VMs
  • is optimized for reading large data files
  • reads routes from ZIP archives
  • reads and writes routes from the system clipboard
  • reads and writes Training Center Database 2 (*.tcx) files
  • reads Google Earth (*.kml and *.kmz) files with GX extensions
  • writes Web Page (*.html) files
  • natively implemented Nokia Landmark (*.lmx) format
  • speeds up the addition of elevation information by using HGT files from the NASA Shuttle Radar Topography Mission
  • speeds up the loading of the categories from the browse panel
  • uses the selected file format from file chooser as the first one to use to allow reading of Glopus (*.tk) files that look like Garmin POI Database (*.xcsv) files
  • shows distances below 10 Kilometers in Meter and above 200 Kilometers without decimals
  • contains a more Word-like dialog for unsaved changes
  • adds a category for Garmin POI Database (*.xcsv) files
  • adds a time for Training Center Database (*.tcx) files to ensure Garmin Training Center displays tracks
  • fixes a bug when reading Google Maps URLs by adding &output=kml to the URL
  • fixes a bug where the local timezone was used instead of GMT
  • fixes a map repaint bug when zooming out of the map
  • fixes a bug which sets the time of inserted positions to the previous position
  • fixes a bug where the inserting of waypoints failed when the routing is optimized for pedestrians
  • fixes a bug with a wrong ordering when reading Falk Navigator (*.tour) files
  • fixes a bug while reading very small Wintec WBT-202 (*.tes) files
  • fixes a bug while reading strange NMEA files
  • fixes a bug where the waypoint encoding of Tom Tom Route files was wrong
  • fixes a bug with optional elevation information in Google Earth (*.kml and *.kmz) files
  • fixes width problems for the distance column under Linux
  • and lots and lots of small fixes...

Release 1.33 from 1. May '10

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