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Changes of version 2.4

Release 2.4 from 21. May '11

  • reads and writes CoPilot 8 (*.trp) files
  • reads and writes Opel Navi 600/900 (*.poi) files
  • adds Czech and Slovakian localization
  • allows to drag and drop positions in the position list
  • displays time data in the default time zone of the users machine
  • duplicates the first position for Navigon Mobile Navigator and CoPilot routes
  • adds a confirmation dialog before deleting categories
  • opens a dialog when adding information to positions takes a long time
  • uses a pointer as the mouse pointer on the map
  • uses digits for the elevation axis of the elevation profile
  • fixes the display of maximized windows if the task bar is not at the bottom
  • fixes reading data from URLs
  • fixes copying positions from a position list to a newly created position list failed if the file format is not GPX
  • fixes the misleading error message when a user tries to register with an already existing name
  • fixes links in about dialog under Linux
  • fixes files read from root if their path was relative under Linux
  • tries to make the map work on all major 32- and 64-bit Linux distributions
  • tries to work around a Mac OS X bug where multi selection fails in a file chooser

Downloads for Release 2.4