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Changes of version 2.32

Release 2.32 from 10. September '22

  • allows to drop files on the map to open them for the Open Source Edition
  • removes the shadow from the marker
  • shows the complete map and theme names in the comboboxes above the map
  • shows the download sizes in the Downloads dialog
  • uses JDK 11.0.14 for the bundled RouteConverter Windows .exe
  • limits the usage to Java 8 to 14 when started with the RouteConverter Windows .exe that assumes an installed JRE or JDK
  • filters mouse press events while pressing CTRL to insert positions to avoid last position to be remembered
  • parses the style url for route characteristics of Google (*.kml) files to remove it from the position list name
  • fixes failing routing with BRouter when using current car profiles which demand for a secondary data directory
  • fixes IllegalArgumentException in sorting GraphHopper routing data
  • fixes a bug when users define their GraphHopper directory under Windows
  • fixes concurrent modification problems during the downloads of the first start

Downloads for Release 2.32