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Changes of version 2.31

Release 2.31 from 18. February '22

  • displays a magnifier lense on the map for search results of the find places dialog
  • uses SVG graphics for markers on the map
  • accepts coordinates with comma and italic apostrophe
  • supports kurviger and mapsforge GraphHopper graphs for corresponding maps
  • prefers local graph directories and .pbf files over downloads of remote files for GraphHopper routing
  • asks the user before downloads initiated for GraphHopper
  • ensures that all BRouter segments have to be from the same (latest) date to avoid routing problems
  • shows the map border even if route is within the map boundaries when visiting maps for downloads
  • logs request failures to broken tile servers
  • logs PointNotFound routing errors for GraphHopper
  • prepares as a PortableApp for a beta test
  • blocks the usage with Java 15 or later due to changes that break compatibility with Java 8
  • fixes bug where TripExtensions where ignored if they're not the first extension
  • fixes boolean logic errors to solve GPX loading issue
  • fixes a bug where speed was assumed as Km/h instead of m/s in Garmin Fit (.fit) format
  • fixes deadlocks in rendering tracks, routes and waypoints to the map
  • fixes bug when download queue was not saved after stopping or removing downloads
  • fixes a bug where a NullPointerException when deleting routes
  • fixes a bug when selecting positions for completion which have no coordinates and thus no distance
  • fixes javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException on MacOS

Downloads for Release 2.31