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Changes of version 2.30

Release 2.30 from 7. September '21

  • reads maps from MBTiles files with PNG and JPG tiles
  • reads Wikipedia Geohack Links
  • reads and writes Microsoft Flightsimulator 2020 Flight Plan (.pln)
  • uses file name as default position list name for Garmin Fit (.fit) files
  • writes course and file id mesg into Garmin Fit (.fit) files
  • allows to configure the heart beat rate on the Y-axis for a heart rate graph
  • allows to delete local map files from the maps dialog
  • prepares the release of RouteConverter as a Portable App by introducing JVM option to set application and temporary directory
  • downloads the BRouter profiles during startup not before rendering
  • renders the routing times in the distance column of the position table
  • supports ctrl and the keypad plus and minus keys for zooming
  • stops filtering files in file open dialog by .gpx by default
  • tries to parse longitude, latitude, elevation and speed in all supported formats and not only the configured preference
  • centralize distance and time aggregation to fix inconsistencies in rendering
  • adds Ctrl+Enter as a shortcut for Mac's missing Ins-ert key
  • fixes the default size for dialogs
  • fixes the name of local root folder in the browse tab
  • fixes bug when overlays are not marked in the menu
  • fixes a bug which prevented pasting positions into Garmin Fit (.fit) files
  • fixes * bug which failed to sort positions by description when a description is null
  • fixes a bug regarding the zoom limits of the Mapsforge based map
  • fixes a bug where editing the elevation of a one position route let to an IndexOutOfBoundsException when the elevation profile was shown
  • fixes bug a where the first position was omitted in the profile view causing IndexOutOfBoundsExceptions when editing the last position
  • fixes a bug to put the focus on the position list
  • fixes a bug leading to a ConcurrentModificationException when changing the position list
  • fixes a bug bug which led to endless loops and 100% CPU load when augmenting positions
  • fixes a strange NullPointerException on an 2013 iMac
  • adjusts Google Edition to latest API changes

Downloads for Release 2.30