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Changes of version 2.26

Release 2.26 from 20. May '19

  • adds Brazilian and Catalan localization
  • shows short distances in meter or feet instead of kilometers or miles
  • uses feet for elevation display in nautic unit system
  • writes heading, pressure and temperature in CSV and Excel files
  • shows notification popups during processing of GraphHopper .pbf files and during routing of long BRouter routes
  • supports WAD scripts for proxies
  • avoids the initialization of the remote tree if the local tree is the preference to speed up the browse panel
  • disables printing the Mapsforge based map
  • optimizes reading of Nominatim geocoding results
  • fixes red routing lines by loading segment files around the position the same way BRouter does it
  • fixes distance is displayed in elevation units when the distance is less than 10km
  • fixes distance is displayed in meters for nautic and statute units when the distance is less than 10km
  • fixes a NullPointerException in the Web Page (*.html) format since there is no default API Key anymore
  • fixes a bug in the overlay initialization

Downloads for Release 2.26