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Changes of version 2.20

Release 2.20 from 13. May '17

  • supports reading $GNVTG, $GNZDA, $GNRMC and $GNGGA sentences in NMEA 0183 Sentences (*.nmea) files
  • supports reading $GPGLL and $GNGNS sentences in NMEA 0183 Sentences (*.nmea) files
  • uses only HTTPS when communicating with the RouteCatalog
  • uses GraphHopper 0.8.2 and mapsforge 0.8 for the Offline Edition
  • stores and restores the location and size of dialogs
  • shows timezone id and name and exchanges GMT+ with GMT- and visa versa to avoid confusion
  • sorts timezones by their id and eliminates duplicate ids
  • shows more precise Columbus V-1000 configuration options
  • removes Distance from TrackStatsExtension when writing GPX 1.1 (.gpx) files since Garmin BaseCamp recalculates it
  • avoids to show that downloads are completed with than 100 percent
  • prefers routing files with closest distance of bounding box center to the maps centers to avoid downloads of large routing files for small maps
  • handles OutOfMemoryErrors during routing and for a lot of actions at a central place
  • fixes a bug when downlading hgt files
  • fixes a bug when interpolating time for first and last position comes up with strange times
  • fixes a bug which fails to read GPX 1.1 (.gpx) files which contain temperature or speed data within a TrackPointExtension v1
  • fixes a bug when writing speed fails if there is no temperature or heading
  • fixes a bug writing OziExplorer files by reducing the description to 40 chars and replacing comma by space (character 209 aka \u00D1 didn't work)
  • fixes a bug when reading some Navigon Mobile Navigator (*.route) files
  • fixes a bug reading Photo (.jpg) files
  • fixes a bug which opened a debug dialog when using a HTTP proxy
  • fixes a bug which causes flickering on large displays by increasing buffer sizes

Downloads for Release 2.20