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Changes of version 2.19

Release 2.19 from 26. October '16

  • reads and writes Tom Tom 9.5 Route (.itn) files
  • stores the window location and size after changes and not only when closing the window
  • enables the scale control again after Googles control unification disabled it by default
  • use a two level cache for the mapsforge based map in the Offline Edition
  • runs on Windows 10 tablets and supports the necessary scaling the user interface
  • adds a separate lock for initialization to avoid dead AWT event queue when trying to download maps via the maps dialog
  • uses GraphHopper 0.7.0 and mapsforge 0.6.1 for the Offline Edition
  • extracts the route rending of the Offline Edition to separate class, steers it with signals and uses separate threads for better reactivity
  • extracts distance and time from Google Directions API callbacks to show correct distances in the distance column
  • draws an orange line if Google Directions thinks the query limit is reached
  • allows to configure the geocoding service
  • uses the geocoding service by default that tries to select the best possible geocoding service
  • supports Nominatim as a geocoding service
  • supports Photon as a geocoding service
  • stores an existing temperature in the extensions of GPX 1.1 (.gpx) files
  • increases the time interval between route renderings which seems to stabilize the Google Directions usage
  • autoranging in the profile view does not include zero in y-axis
  • uses the Windows proxy settings for HTTP requests with Apache Commons HTTP
  • tries to prefer HTTPS over HTTP if possible
  • chooses the smallest possible download but prefers larger already downloaded files
  • introduces Google Maps API Keys which became mandatory in June
  • fixes the undo keystroke on Mac OS X
  • fixes augmenting speed and elevation which only showed correct values for metric units
  • fixes the amount of augmented positions which was always one too high
  • fixes a bug where the map view was blocked when there is no internet connection
  • fixes a bug where where URLs where not opened in the JavaFX map view
  • fixes a bug where errors in #executeScript killed the JavaFX thread
  • fixes a bug which led to deadlocks on Mac OS X
  • fixes a bug which caused loading problems of the Offline Edition due to a missing icon
  • fixes a bug which led to NullPointerExceptions when writing Training Center Database (.tcx) files or when summing up distances
  • fixes a bug which caused time not to be distributed according to the rule of three when more than one position was selected
  • fixes a bug when reading some Navigon Mobile Navigator (*.route) files
  • fixes a bug when reading Columbus Type 2 (.csv) files with garbled speed with zero bytes]
  • fixes a bug when writing Columbus Type 2 (.csv) files
  • fixes garbage in the map menu items by correctly escaping it
  • fixes version comparison if 2 digits meet 3 digits

Downloads for Release 2.19