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Changes of version 2.18

Release 2.18 from 8. June '16

  • reads and writes Columbus Type 2 (.csv) files
  • reads and writes Columbus GPS Binary (.gps) files
  • reads and writes Photo (.jpg) files
  • reads tileserver definitions from the filesystem
  • downloads tileserver definitions from the RouteConverter server
  • uses an evil fix for China for the Google Maps API to show positions on the map at the correct coordinates
  • remembers the last selected theme for a map for the Offline Edition
  • allows to use time on the X-axis of the profile view
  • allows to configure the track and route color via Extras/Options/Colors
  • allows to use the wanderreitkarte.de map
  • allows to select the server from which the Google Maps API is the loaded
  • uses the application menu on Mac OS X
  • uses version 3.23 of the Google Maps API for the Online Edition
  • uses BRouter 1.4.1 and GraphHopper 0.6.0 for the Offline Edition
  • renders local catalog items in the browse tab even if symbolic links are broken
  • enables top/up/down/bottom only if there is a selected position and if there is more than one position
  • changes the display of time and date immediately upon a configuration change
  • updates files in the download queue from updated data sources
  • fixes a bug in the Columbus (.csv) files where a G TAG is not an indicator for an invalid fix
  • fixes a bug to load current hgt files from the catalog which expect .hgt in the keys
  • fixes a bug where printing the map was deactivated after changes to the route
  • fixes a bug which showed garbage in text labels since the untranslated bundles where not converted
  • fixes a bug to ensure a consistent time zone for the datetime and time column of positions
  • fixes asynchronous loading problems with the offline background map
  • fixes a bug when scanning the datasources for Flatten put not existing directories into the queue which led to exceptions
  • fixes a bug where the Garble formats where offered for reading and in the command line tool

Downloads for Release 2.18