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Changes of version 2.16

Release 2.16 from 3. September '15

  • adds an option to change the map view from Java FX back to Eclipse SWT
  • adds size and date columns and a context menu for the restart of downloads to the download dialog
  • adds an option to allow to start numbering at first position of current selection
  • adds top/up/down/bottom menu items to the position menu
  • adds a context menu to rename and delete routes to the browse tab
  • uses Weblate.org for the localization of RouteConverter so anyone can help
  • uses a new icon set with high resolution icons on Retina Macs
  • uses the Aster Global Digital Elevation Model V1 2009 first when querying Geonames for elevation information
  • provides a new extended help which is derived from the website - simply press F1
  • reduces the number of interactions between the web browser and the application
  • removes the Earthtools elevation service as www.earthtools.org is down
  • fixes a bug where an empty file was reported as unreadable
  • fixes a bug where map links where not opened in the external browser but locked up the program
  • fixes a bug where the Java FX-based map view didn't use the complete available space after the program start
  • fixes a bug where inserting positions automatically zoomed
  • fixes a bug where iGO8 Route (*.kml) files could not be converted from route to track
  • fixes a bug where Google Earth 5 (*.kmz) files with PNG images could not be read
  • fixes a bug where creating a new file and exiting did not bring up the save as dialog

Downloads for Release 2.16