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Changes of version 1.29

Release 1.29 from 12. August '09

  • reads and writes Magellan Route (*.rte) files
  • reads and writes MagicMaps 2 Go (*.txt) files
  • writes Training Center 1 Course (*.crs) files
  • shows the format while reading that currently tries to interpret the data
  • offers an option to calculate routes for pedestrians
  • shows the context menu for the position table even if there are no positions or no positions are selected
  • shows speeds of less than 10 Km/h with one decimal place
  • offers to split Navigon Mobile Navigator 7 (*.freshroute) files when writing if they exceed 48 positions
  • renumbers positions if the function to number positions is called repeatedly
  • saves the coordinates in GPX files with 7 decimal places, the speed and elevation with 2 decimal places (GPX 1.0 speed: 3 decimal places)
  • fixes a bug while displaying routes which shows letters in the map
  • fixes a bug when displaying the duration in english locale with AM and PM
  • fixes a bug in the calculation of the speed which led to infinite speed for a time interval of 0 seconds
  • fixes a bug when importing Columbus V900 (*.csv) files

Downloads for Release 1.29