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Category tree

The category tree is the entry when browsing the remote RouteCatalog and local Routes:

Category tree

The RouteCatalog consists of everything, categories and routes, below the Internet root. It stores its category and routes on the RouteConverter server and makes them available to all users.

The My Routes root displays the folders and files below a local Routes folder in the filesystem of your computer.

On Windows this is


On macOS and Linux this is


Please note: In releases before 2.30 the routes folder was located in the user directory and named "My Routes" in English but localized in other languages.

Shortcuts, Symbolic links, Aliases

The idea behind the "My Routes" folder is to make access to GPS files even easier. It is not necessary to copy all your GPS files into the "My Routes" folder. Instead it's advisable to link the GPS files in your system to the "My Routes" folder.

Under Windows, there is a special feature available: RouteConverter knows how to interpret Windows File Shortcuts. So create a Shortcut that points from the folder where your GPS files are located to the Routes folder %USER_PROFILE%\.routeconverter\routes.

Under macOS and Linux, create a symbolic link to $HOME/.routeconverter/routes

ln -s "/path/to/your/directory/with/gps/files "~/.routeconverter/routes/My GPS Files now visible in RouteConverter"